"   The sound of your voice is so soothing... "

Lori Klieman, Certified life Coach 

Thank you Lori!  

I have added a daily mini-podcast for Alexa Flash Briefings, which means there is a fresh
daily dose of yours truly every morning in your flash briefing  Speaking of Age Daily with Wendi, is always less than 6 minutes, and it's where I share my real, raw, and refreshing take on life.

Just ask "Alexa to add "Speaking of Age Daily with Wendi Cooper" to your news.  


The Wendi Cooper Show - Speaking of Age,

conversations with remarkable people over 50.

 20 to 60 minutes featuring a new guest from a variety of walks of life!   


I do like to turn conversations into a story, like I did with Angie Weihs, Instagram Influencer called Ageless Rebel Storyteller, Saundra Dalton-Smith, M.D. - Author of Sacred Rest, Bob Knorpp, Host and PlaywrightBazzel Baz - Founder of ARC and Star of NBC's the BlackList, Brionne Davis, Actor and Star of the 2016 Oscar nominated best foreign film, "Embrace of the Serpent", Blair Taylor, L.A. Talent Agent, Ashton AppleWhite, Ageism Activist and Author, John Tarnoff, Coach and Author, Lori Klieman, Meri Frischman, Angie Weihs, Barbara Warren IG Influencers.  Rob Greenlee - Libsyn.com, Marc Anthony the Psychic Lawyer, and many others. 


Thank you -  Remarkable Guests

Bazzel Baz 

Actor | Humanitarian

Forbes Riley

TV Host | Coach

Stuart Smith 

Guitar Legend

Arthur Vibert

Creative Director

Ashton Applewhite



Saundra Dalton-Smith-M.D., Ashton Applewhite, Rich Karlgaard, John Tarnoff, and Mark Anthony are best seller authors.  Their conversations can be heard here.

Saundra Dalton-Smith, MD

Rich Karlgaard


Lori Kleiman 

Certified Life Coach

Saul Colt 

Experiential Marketer

John Tarnoff 

Life Coach

Bridget Long

Direct Marketer 

Bob Knorpp

Podcast Host Playwright

Darla Hahn

TV Host 

Rob Greenlee

Podcast Pro

Dan Stokes


Blair Taylor 

Talent Agent

Wendi Cooper

Howard Hughes III 

Financial Coach

Angels | Lawyers | CEO

Some of the most fascinating conversations 

will surprise you who they are...

Jeanne Street 

Angel Spirit

Mark Anthony, Esq.


Bob Rosenblatt

Past CEO Tom Hilfiger

"Alexa play The Wendi Cooper Show Speaking of Age podcast."

I am always looking for interesting and remarkable guests to share their wisdom.  I am also always looking for clients who need sonic branding for their brands and podcasts.  

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