Wendi Cooper

Award Winning Writer | Director | Producer |

DTC Marketing Consultant

 Brand Creator 

Ovarian Cancer Survivor | BRCA1+ 

Inspirational Speaker

Happiness Mentor |

Podcast Host | Ageism Activist

Entrepreneur | Mother | Grandmother | Wife 

"I am proud to have been honored with 17 Telly Awards in multiple categories for my work in television and video production.  Telly Award winners represent work from some of the most respected advertising agencies, television stations, production companies and publishers from around the world. "

"My experience with Wendi on two DRTV projects, is that CSRP is a very thorough and professional organization that held our hand through the entire process."

— Jose Gonzalez, Timeless Media Group

“Wendi is a long-time visionary in direct response...not only does she know the ins and out of the business she has long been committed to helping entrepreneurs and small companies that need to be focused on budget."

— Robert Rosenblatt - EVINE Network

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Pioneer | Maverick

As a pioneer in direct to consumer marketing on TV in the 90's  I made my mark as a Maverick - not intentionally, but by nature.   The creative side of me said to the logical side, "there has be be a better way."  So, I changed the status quo in DRTV and initiated a hybrid creative model of

"less yell and more sell" by blending high-end creative production (on a DRTV budget) with the fundamentals of performance marketing strategies.


In fact, in 2000 when I suggested taking the 800 number off the screen and replacing it with a URL  the entire industry nearly melted down.

Today,  I can honestly  say I contributed to the integrity of an industry known for its greed and misgivings toward entrepreneurs and inventors.  It was through volunteerism as a Speaker/Educator, and a commitment to an emerging medium, that so many lives were changed and the direct response industry gained integrity.

Photo courtesy of - C Spot Run Productions, LLC - Wrap photo for TV commercial for Squatty Potty 2012

 I became a talk show host in 2009 because I needed to get out of my comfort zone, that's what my Kaballah teacher said, so a long story short, I decided to host a live internet radio show at LA Talk Radio.com.   That was one of my first, it was called The C Spot with Wendi Cooper.

   It was all about marketing in the direct response space and I loved it.

In 2005, while working at with Irwin Naturals on Dual Action Cleanse infomercial campaign, and taking the company from a negative balance sheet to $85M in sales in 6 months and with one product offer, I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, my mother died, and I was diagnosed as being  BRCA1.

My life change forever, but not my desire to help others succeed. 

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