My first blog. It's only 17 years old.

I really hate to talk about myself. I hate even more trying to come up with a bio that suits me. But I know that I have to add content to my website, because it really does matter.

So here goes. I'm sure you are wondering why my first blog is 17 years old. Here's why. I searched drop box for Wendi Cooper Bio and what came up was from 17 years ago. I found it interesting as a lot has happened since, but it also made for a fun and easy first blog.

Image: Billy Mays, Wendi Cooper and Deborah Mays Las Vegas, circa 2003

Below is Unedited - 2004 Bio

Wendi Cooper is CEO and Principal of C Spot Run Productions, LLC a full service direct response agency founded in 1997. Ms. Cooper’s responsibilities include overseeing all business transactions, campaign management, product sourcing, and creative production, live shopping vendor relations, talent acquisition, legal affairs and contract negotiations.

Beginning her career in 1993 as COO and partner of BioLife of Aspen, Inc., she directed of all areas of campaign management, human resources, and customer care, as well as television and radio campaign strategies. Six Day BioDiet generated over 400 million dollars in revenue in only 24 months. In 1995 she partnered with BrasilInvest of Sao Paulo and formed Diet Power Products, LLC. There she developed another best selling diet, Slender Secret, The Power of 4 Days. Her responsibilities included trademark application and design, copyrights, FDA compliance, FTC compliance, product formulation and sourcing, brand identity, collateral material, language translation, campaign management and infomercial production. Slender Secret was herald as the number one selling diet in Brazil in 1996-1997 grossing over 200 million US dollars. Slender Secret’s total US sales exceeded 40 million dollars.

In 1999/2001 Cooper consulted for AOL/Time Warner’s newly formed division, Time Life Direct. Responsibilities included product sourcing, training division heads on procedures for new product selection and criteria for operating and maintaining a successful DRTV campaign. She also assisted with implementing the development of strategic alliances in order to create cross promotional vehicles, enhanced revenue programs, and cost effective infrastructure changes. Cooper wrote, directed and produced an infomercial for Time Life Direct while also consulting on their entrée’ into nutritional supplementation as an up sell and continuity item.

Since 2001 Cooper’s focus has been on developing integrated marketing strategies to leverage DRTV dollars via the internet, retail placement, live shopping and radio for her clients. Wendi’s intelligent and forthright approach to a cost effective DRTV campaigns, her ability to source product, produce cost effective shows, and understand the critical nature of its backend and infrastructure is rarely found in one individual.

Well recognized within the industry for her volunteer efforts with the Electronic Retailing Association and the development and success of The ERA Invention Showcase, and DRTV 101 Annual Education Sessions, she has built the first integrity based program for the DRTV industry. Currently an active member of the Education, Awards, and Radio Committees Cooper donates her time and expertise across the United States leading seminars, educating inventors, and offering opportunity to not only the inventors but all ERA Members.

Ms. Cooper received the Volunteer of the Year Award in 2003 from the ERA Board of Directors, and is currently 2004 Conference and Committee Chair. Cooper’s 11 years of hands-on experience transcends most when compared to overall knowledge of an industry as specialized as DRTV or Electronic Retailing.

Ms. Cooper did not intentionally enter the DRTV industry, nor did she desire to leave the corporate world and become an entrepreneur, it simply just happened that way 11 years ago. Prior to 1993 Wendi held positions as: Special Assistant to Legal Counsel at Apollo Advisors, in Century City, CA. - 1992-1993; Assistant to the Director of Finance for the CDP to elect Bill Clinton in 1991 and 1986-1989 Homart Development (Division of Sears/Coldwell Banker) as Construction Manager. In 1984 – 1986 she worked in Paris, France as Liaison to the President of Falcon Cement, 4 Place de la Concorde and Alexandria, Egypt; 1990-1991 she was American Liaison to the President of Zephyr Capital Management, 23 Rue des Champel, Geneva, Switzerland.

Wendi attended UCLA from 1986 – 1989 and the American Academy of Nutrition in 1995-1997.

Ms. Cooper speaks conversational French and possesses a 75% comprehension rate of spoken Italian. Born March 20, 1955 she has two sons ages 23 and 13. Currently she resides in Playa del Rey, California.


Key changes since then.

  • Electronic Retailing Association no longer exists.

  • I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2005.

  • Time Life Direct no longer exists.

  • Slender Secret partner is now a super TV star in Brazil.

  • Everyone wants to create a SaaS

  • Everyone is a Founder

  • Everyone has a podcast

  • Everyone has a coach or is a coach.

  • Direct response is now a thing everyone does.

Bio Stardate 12-22-2021

Wendi Cooper is an entrepreneur and Founder of C Spot Run Productions, a DTC full-service agency since 1997 serving clients from concept to consumer. Wendi contributed to the growth of the recurring revenue subscription business model and best practices since its inception. She is also the Founder and CEO of easyGopro - go time just got easier, a patented ergonomic toilet stool that sold $2.5M in its first 24 months.

C Spot Run's clients have grossed over $2B in sales. Some of those clients include Epson USA, JML USA, Time-Life, Irwin Naturals, CBS News, Timeless Media Group, Playboy TV, All-Star Marketing, Brasil Invest, and She has been honored for her work in advertising within multiple categories as a Writer, Art Director, and Producer with 17 Telly Awards.

Recognized in her industry as a visionary, her contributions to the Electronic Retailing Association where she not only mentored but created educational programs that offered a safe forum of opportunity for Inventors seeking partnerships and grew to be featured at the Invention Convention and the International Home and Houseware Show for 14 consecutive years. Wendi contributed to the Best Practices for subscription based business from 1999 to 2005 along side the ERA and the FTC to create the ERSP, (self-regulation for DTC).

Wendi also offered her talents in front of the camera as well, and appeared on HSN, QVC, and Shop Rio and The Shopping Channel | Rogers for 25 brands. She hosted The C Spot live talk radio show and C Spot Talk for 6 years and transitioned to podcasting in 2018. She is a regular guest expert on number 1 marketing podcast, The Bean Cast with Bob Knorpp.

Today, at 66 years old Wendi consults with young tech companies focused on DTC/SaaS bsuiness models. She lives in Silicon Beach and enjoys creating audio experiences for brands in the emerging voice first connected device space.

Wendi attended UCLA’s Project Management School of Business, and attended The American Academy of Nutrition. Prior to her career in marketing she worked in Entertainment Business Management, International Maritime Shipping (Paris France), M&A at Apollo Advisors, and Tenant Improvement/Shell & Core for Homart Development Company., an arm of Coldwell Banker/Sears.


and just like that...

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