Keyboard and Mouse

Increasing listenership for your podcast is a priority, but today it's becoming more and more difficult, especially for indie-podcasters.  What's the solution?  

It's trying creative ways outside of the "norm".


That's why mini-podcasts works so well. With an alexa flash briefing added to your podcast distribution, you can reach millions of amazon customers.  


Everyone Has 5 Minutes

Everyone has 5 minutes, right! A daily dose to inspire, entertain, humor, and address life as we age.  Wendi Cooper is real, raw, and refreshing.  

"Alexa, play my news!

"Alexa, play The Daily 5 with Wendi Cooper 

(on Audible)  


Wellness with Annika

Epiphany Channel

with Elise Ballard

A multi-tiered wellness daily briefing with in-depth skills for yoga, reiki healing,  and lifestyle coaching.

Annika's healing stone jewelry will be available on

"Alex add Wellness with Annika to my flash briefings." 


Coming soon

A 3-5 minute news type briefing on your Alexa home device - daily to inspire, entertain, humor, and share epiphanies.  
Epiphany the book and journal are available on

"Alex add Epiphany Channel with Elise Ballard to my flash briefings." 


Coming Soon

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