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Speaking of Age Daily with Wendi 

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A 3-5 minute daily min-podcast flash briefing on Alexa to inspire, entertain, humor, and address life as we age.  Wendi Cooper is real, raw, and refreshing while she takes a look at the reality of getting older in a society plagues with staying youthful.  She also gives awesome advice on products that are available on 

"Alexa enable Speaking of Age with Wendi to my flash briefings.


Wellness with Annika

A multi-tiered wellness daily briefing with in-depth skills for yoga, reiki healing,  and lifestyle coaching.

Annika's healing stone jewelry will be available on

"Alex add Wellness with Annika to my flash briefings." 


Coming in August 2020

Epiphany Channel

with Elise Ballard

A 3-5 minute news type briefing on your Alexa home device - daily to inspire, entertain, humor, and share epiphanies.  
Epiphany the book and journal are available on

"Alex add Epiphany Channel with Elise Ballard to my flash briefings." 


Coming Soon


 I've always preached that everyone is a product and everyone needs marketing to succeed, it's a simple fact of life.  

But, even those with deep pockets at times find themselves lost in a vast sea of muck.  That's where I come in.

If you are looking to repurpose content or create new content in video or audio - I can help.

If you are starting a podcast and need original music and a sonic logo, or want to create an Alexa Skill, I can help.  Or, you may simply need advice on an idea you have...yup - I can help with that too.

A group of people on a commercial set for a squatty potty commercials produced by C Spot Run Productions in 2012
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