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We help engage audiences through intelligent

concept to consumer creative production.  


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Today, direct to consumer marketing and technology has changed the way we live our lives and do business.  Whether it's personal branding, product ideas, podcasting, Youtube, and IG influencers or the emerging tech in Voice First - Artificial Intelligence  - it still feels a bit like the "Wild West" again.
 What hasn't changed are the fundamentals - the building blocks - of creating content that compels a consumer to take action and deliver a profitable ROI so your brand can grow.  

How do we tell your brand story?

17 Telly Awards  

6 Electronic Retailing Award Nominations

“Wendi is one of the best Direct Response Marketing people I've worked with.  She's much more than just that, but when you're the best it's worth highlighting it. I've had multiple opportunities to work directly with Wendi and I hope another comes soon"

Saul Colt | The Idea Integration Company | Owner

“Wendi is a force unto herself!  Her extensive background with all forms of advertising puts her in the top echelon of leaders in the DRTV field. Her wonderful sense of humor, her dynamic enthusiasm, and her unbinding creativity makes Wendi an incredibly special and unique partner to work with.  You'll have fun, break new ground and make a lot of money with her! 

Paul Greenberg/ Greenberg Direct, Inc. | Creative Director

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