out of the muck

It may surprise you how many companies we have helped.  Whether it's naming your product, brand or service, or it's getting you out of the muck that is holding you down from your true potential as a brand.  

We've worked in all sectors and verticals.  Fitness to Fulfillment - Special Effect and Music Post production, Beauty and Bath, Health and Wellness to Entertainment in Music and Comedy.

We see things differently, and that's a good thing. 

Epson USA

creative concept

Epson FastFoto Scanner 

C Spot Run was given 24 hours to turn around a DTC Creative concept. 

We called it  "Preserve What's Priceless"

Irwin Naturals 

campaign management

Dual Action Cleanse infomercial was affecting the overall nutraceutical 

company's bottom line in a very negative way.  Klee Irwin called and we responded.

Within 6 months, Dual Action Cleanse had grossed over $65M  and the

direct response division grew to garner 600 million is sales.


SpaceBags, Inc.

fresh look

 We were requested to deliver a new concept for their direct to consumer TV commercials.  

We updated the yell and sell tactic to one of a hybrid that blended  high-end production and

branding with direct response engagement.  

Motivational Fulfillment and Logistic Services

website design & development

Updating a website is a daunting task - especially when its been 10 years.  Getting lost in the 'muck'

is especially easy for a rapidly expanding  fulfillment and logistics company. 

It's a complicated business and it takes time to explain it - if possible- to a website designer.  

We had an advantage as we have been working together for over 15 years on the backend needs for our clients.  This relationship gave MFALS the confidence to trust us and they are glad they did. 

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