"I never thought of myself as a marketer.  

I have always thought of  myself as a Maverick.



In just a few short years, Apple's Siri, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant have gone from being virtual unknowns to familiar household names. As these voice assistants—and others—continue to gain traction on smartphones and smart speakers, the market is expanding quickly. Voice-control technology has officially moved out of the early-adopter phase and into the mainstream.

We estimate that 111.8 million people in the US will use a voice assistant at least monthly this year, up 9.5% from 102.0 million 2018. This amounts to 39.4% of US internet users and 33.8% of the overall population. By 2021, the number of US voice assistant users will reach 122.7 million, representing 42.2% of US internet users and 36.6% of the US population.

emarketer.com - Victoria Petrock - August 15, 2019 

"Siri, what time is my next appointment?"

"Every time I speak with Wendi I learn something that fills in the blanks of how we got to where we are today in D2C.  Wendi is passionate, enthusiastic, and she thinks critically - so valuable at a time when many people accept information as true when it flies by in their newsfeed.

"I am not sure I can say enough about Wendi's selflessness when it comes to giving back.  As an Inventor she has guided me through hurdles I never dreamed existed.  Her knowledge of product development and packaging and the ongoing challenges that hold entrepreneurs back and how to navigate them is astounding."


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