"Everyone is a product and everyone needs marketing to succeed."

Direct Response Campaign (D2C) Consultant

 Ideation | Product Development |
Backend Fulfillment | UX Specialist

Voice First Content Development | Alexa Skills

Personal ReInvention Marketing Consultant

Podcast Producer & Host

Wendi Cooper 

All the red flags are there, but you can't see them.

They quickly grow out-of-control and you don't know where to turn, who to trust, or even how to find out.

What if you could identify the "wrong" before it happens and acquire the knowledge to succeed? 

I understand that when something goes wrong it can be devastating, especially in DTC. One small error will create a domino effect across your campaign if not identified.


A wrong can be the initial concept, packaging, 3PL, fulfillment set-up, offers, pricing, customer service, etc.

It could be media planning or creative content, brand positioning, even your color palette. 

What does it take to transform the power of what's Wrong?

Experience and Wisdom


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