Case Studies

You would be amazed at what a fresh pair of eyes can do!

We'll help you get out of your own way when it comes to your product, brand, or service.  

We've consulted with clients in Fitness to Fulfillment, Special Effects to Digital Post, Beauty and Bath, Longevity and Wellness, Home, Music, Podcasts, and Entertainment.

We see things differently, and that's a good thing. 

Epson USA

creative concept

Epson FastFoto Scanner 

C Spot Run was given 24 hours to turn-around a DTC Creative concept. 

We called it  "Preserve What's Priceless" you can find it here.

Irwin Naturals 

campaign management

The Dual Action Cleanse infomercial was the first to bring colon cleansing to the airwaves.

But, it was affecting the established nutraceutical company's bottom line negatively

due to poor backend efficiencies.  

The owner, Klee Irwin called for help and after analysis, he agreed to allow us to shut down the campaign and start fresh with new backend partners.

 6 months later, Dual Action Cleanse had grossed over $65M in sales,

with a tv media budget of $1M a week.

 A $600 million dollar brand was born and the direct response division of

Irwin Naturals saved the company. 


SpaceBags, Inc.

fresh look

 In seeking a new look for their ailing product on direct response TV, we were given an RFP for a new direct response TV commercial concept.

Our storyboard presentation eliminated the yell and sell, and cheesy before and after hair pulling footage, and gave the new "look" an upscale, high-end branding appeal.  It included a fresh clean approach, multi-generational casting, using SpaceBags in practical ways.  

We also added a cool pneumonic device.

Motivational Fulfillment and Logistic Services

website design & development

Updating a website is a daunting task - especially when it's been 10 years.  Getting lost in the 'muck'

is especially easy for a rapidly expanding fulfillment and logistics company. 

It's a complicated business and it takes time to explain it - if possible- to a website designer.  

We had an advantage as we have been working together for over 15 years on the backend needs of our clients.  This relationship gave MFALS the confidence to trust us and they are glad they did.